11/11 Cross-country skiing course conditions
2023.11.14 Tue 12:40:14
11/11 Cross-country skiing course conditions

This year’s snowfall is less than usual, and it has not yet reached the point where the snow-pressure trucks can enter the area.


Snow cover is still unstable, so course conditions will change soon.

Plants and roads are visible due to low snow cover, and not enough snow to use snowshoes.



・Cross-country skiing requires experience and skill,not for the inexperienced.

・Parking is allowed only at the Visitor Center.


The condition of the course on November 11th.
Red: Very difficult to ski (muddy ground, no pressure snow)
Blue: Somewhat skiable (still thin, but roller pressure snow is in place and there is at least 5 cm of fresh snow).
X: Closed to traffic.


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