The following rentals are available at Asahidake Visitor Center.

If you would like to use them, please contact our staff. *Credit card available.

*The visitor center does not rent snowboarding, alpine, or telemark skiing equipment.


Rental price(tax included)

Rental type Rental price(per day) Montbell membership Note
Boots 300yen
ski pole 200yen
Collapsible ski pole 500yen
Snowshoes 500yen 400yen There are Montbell member discount on only snowshoes.
Cross country ski plate 500yen
Snow play tool (single item) 500yen
Snow play tool (2 or more) 1,000yen
Helicopter search service 1,100yen After that, 550 yen will be charged every day.



There are various sizes for men, women and children.


ski pole

There are various lengths of Ski poles. Please choose according to your height.


Collapsible ski pole

It is a collapsible type and can be used according to your height.



Available for adults and children (4 units).
We also have large size snowshoes that can be worn with ordinary shoes and snowboard boots.
Montbell members have a discount, please show your membership card.


Cross country ski plate (Walking ski)
We are renting skis, ski pole, and boots as a set.
Cross country skis have scale-like irregularities on the back of the plate, Biginners can handle them easily.


Snow play tools

We have sleds, hip sleds, snowball makers, and shovels.

You can rent two or more snow play tool as set price.


Helicopter search service

It is a small portable transmitter that you can bring.

In case of emergency, Cocoheli will serve air search and rescue utilizing helicopters for searching lost person.





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