Please tell me how to enjoy each season.

From spring to autumn, you can enjoy hiking, if you dont’have confident in your physical fitness, you can walk around the Sugatami Pond and the cross-country ski course.

Many people have visited for seeing alpine plants, autumn leaves, wild birds and wildlife, In winter, it becomes one of the most famous powder snow regions in Japan, and many skiers and snowboarders come from world as in search of the finest powder snow.

Even if you can’t do winter sports, you can take a walk around using snowshoes and enjoy the magnificent scenery from Sugatami Station. After the trip, you can take a rest with the hot springs, Asahidake Onsen at the hotel.



Is there an ATM(automated teller machine) in Asahidake area?

There are no bank, post office and ATM in Mt. Asahidake area.

It takes 30~40 minutes to get to the nearest ATM by car. So, please prepare in advance.



Is there a convenience store?

Although there is no convenience store, the shop in Asahidake ropeway station sells snacks, sweets, drinks, tourist goods, and so on.

They are not selling lunch boxes and rice ball.



Can I use a credit card for buying goods?

Credit cards (VISA, MASTER, AEON) is available at Asahidake Visitor Center.



Is Wi-Fi (free internet) available at the visitor center?

Through a simple procedure, anyone can use Free Wi-Fi(free internet) in Asahidake visitor center.



Is there a place to eat?

There is a restaurant on the second floor of Asahidake Ropeway Station.



Is there public toilet on Mt.Asahidake area?

Yes, there is public toilet in visitor center and ropeway station. the last toilet is located in Sugatami Station (altitude 1600m). So, if you’re planning a long trip for more than two hours, we recommend to take disposable toilet bag.



Is there phone signal on Mt.Asahidake?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone around the visitor center and the ropeway station.

Although there are places where signal strength is particular poor. Always keep your battery charged, safe and dry for use in emergencies.



Are there changing facilities and lockers?

There is no changing room and lockers in visitor center, the coin lockers are in the Asahidake ropeway.



When is the best time to see the autumn leaves?

Mt.Asahidake is the first spot in Japan to welcome autumn leaves in mid-September while other parts of Japan are still summer.

The mountain has several hiking trails with spectacular view spots. Depending on the climate of the year, the season is usually from mid-September to late September.

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