Black woodpecker
Black woodpecker
Japanese name Black woodpecker
English nam Black woodpecker
Scientific name Dryicopus martius
Taxonomy キツツキ目キツツキ科クマゲラ属



The total length is about 46cm, Sedentary birds.

It is the largest woodpecker in Japan, and mainly inhabits primeval forests and mixed forests with many giant trees.

It is designated as Endangered Species on the Ministry of the Environment Red List.

At Asahidake hot spring, you can occasionally hear the characteristic cry of “Ki-yon Ki-yon” during the nesting season from March to April.

It usually perch on an old tree, and dig a hole in its beak and prefer to eat the ants inside.

The whole body is black, the male has red above the head, and the female has red dots only on the back of the head.

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