Northern pika
Northern pika
Japanese name Northern pika
English nam Northern pika
Scientific name Ochotona hyperborea yesoensis
Taxonomy ウサギ目ナキウサギ科ナキウサギ属



Head-and-body length: 10 to 20 cm. Weight: 110-170g.

A species that came from Siberia during the Ice Age, it inhabits only a very limited area including Daisetsuzan in Japan.

It is designated as Red List by the Ministry of the Environment.

It lives in moist rocks from lowlands to high mountains, is herbivorous, and eats leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits.

It does not hibernate and stores winter preserved foods such as leaves between rocks.

You can hear its high-pitched calls at Asahidake Onsen from around Sugatami-pond.

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