Aleutian avens
Aleutian avens>
Japanese name Aleutian avens
English name Aleutian avens
Scientific name Geum pentapetalum
Taxonomy バラ目バラ科チングルマ属

Flower diameter is about 2.5 cm, height is about 10 cm.

One white five-petaled flower of about 3 cm blooms at the tip of the flower stalk.

It is distributed in eastern Japan (Hokkaido and middle region), Sakhalin, the Aleutian Islands, and the Kamchatka Peninsula.

It grows in wetlands around alpine snowy valleys. The branches crawl on the ground and form a colony.

The flowering season is from June to August. It blooms about two weeks after the thaw and after pollination it turns to be seeds with long feather-like hairs.


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