【CAUTION】Precautions for snow mountains
2024.02.12 Mon 09:00:48
【CAUTION】Precautions for snow mountains

There are people who come with light clothing, inadequate equipment, summer shoes or sneakers.

This is a snowy mountain and there are many dangers and risks such as poor visibility, blizzards, hypothermia, avalanches, and collisions.


Due to snowfall, there have been a number of recent injuries and accidents of climbers on Asahidake.

Please be especially careful when entering the mountain during this time of year.


Hokkaido is at a high latitude.around the Sugatami Station is altitude 1,600 meters,

but it is comparable to the weather in the altitude 2,600 meters mountains of Honshu.


There is a lot of snow on the mountainside and the wind is strong.

Temperatures already drop below freezing, Crampons(eisen) and Ice Axe(pickel)are also necessary because the snow surface freeze in the morning and evening when the temperature drops.


Entering the mountain without sufficient equipment, knowledge, or experience can be very dangerous and lead to distress or injury.


Beginners and first-time hikers without equipment are advised not to climb the mountain.

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